An Installment Loan Company

USA Web Cash, an Installment Loan Company, allows you access to short-term Personal Loans from $250 to $2500. The finance charges, the interest rates and the loan amount you are offered will vary depending on these stipulations:

   • your application information
   • your credit information
   • your payment history

Don't worry if you are not approved for the maximum amount on your first loan

Unlike Cash Advances or “Payday Loans”, with Installment Loans, as you make successful payments, you will become eligible for the larger loans you need to buy a home or pay off your debts. Building your credit doesn’t have to be a slow process either, and there are methods available to hasten the process.

Keep in mind that you DO NOT need to be employed to qualify for a Low Rate Installment Loans, but you must have a regular source of income for your application to be fully considered.

The Process is Simple…

There are no hidden charges or fees with our Installment Loans – you only pay interest for the time you keep the loan.

You can even pay off your loan early to reduce the cost of your loan and there are NO PREPAYMENT PENALTIES.

However, you may incur additional fees if you make a late payment, skip a payment, or your payment is returned.

About the Re-Payment Schedule

The number of payments you make on your loan is variable and is based on the size of the loan as well as your payment schedule. Generally, the bi-weekly payments will be under $100 but your actual payment amount will vary based on your pay frequency and your loan amount.

Convenient For You

To help you manage your loan payment schedule, USA Web Cash sets up your re-payment dates to coincide with your pay days at work. This means if you are paid every other week, you will make your loan payments every other week, and if you are paid monthly, you will make monthly loan payments.

All payments can be made automatically, so you don't have to mail a check or remember when payments are due. Apply now for next day credit.